Saturday, 10 November 2012

Somewhere over the rainbow, I miss my band.

So far away from home and other than missing my family and friends I miss my band. My guitar, the jam room, and having good times with Carm and Craig.

I wonder what they're up to right now... Probably running through the meadows holding hands and brushing each others hair with golder hair brushes...

But at least I'm enjoying my visit to Israel. My family whom I haven't seen in over a decade is warm and loving, the weather is perfect, I just came back from a walk on the beach. Its windy today and the waves are amazing! As they crash on the shore, the salt from the sea evaporates into a sort of mist and coats my entire body. My lips are salty, my lungs are clear and my mind is at peace. Its so great to be back but at the same time so sad that I can't stay.

This is exactly what I needed. Life in Canada is great and all, but its no tropical country. I am still not and will never be used to the cold weather, the bad attitude that majority of the people have and the unnecessary fast pace to life that everyone is trying to achieve.

But all of that doesn't even matter because as long as I have FAIK I will be happy no matter where I am. Nowhere is perfect and nothing lasts forever, but I will always need my band. I can never leave them because home is where the heart is, and my heart is in the music I make with them.

I love you guys, and I can't wait to get back and work on some more rockin' tunes!


p.s. there are SO MANY cats here! ;-;

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  1. Pasha, you're a really good writer. I could really imagine what your walk on the beach felt like and I got super jealous. I hope you have a great vacation! I also can't wait to hear some new tunes. :D