Monday, 25 February 2013

In Production: FAIK's LAXPERIENCE! (LAX...Experience... Thought It Was Clever!)

Hey everyone! Carm here!
So Pasha and I have been back in Toronto for a few weeks now, and we are still California dreaming.

 While we were down there, we took a LOT, and I mean, a LOT of footage, documenting our experience down in Los Angeles, California. We finally have found a moment to breath in our hectic schedules to start post-production on this and put it all together for the world to see.

In this piece, and not to spoil any big surprises, you will see all the random fun we were up to, and of course, a live performance by us, minus Craig, (our drummer) *tear* down in a trendy, L.A coffee lounge.

 I am still so hyped from band practice, that just ended half an hour ago. We have narrowed down our 14+ songs to 4 for our upcoming demo... EXCITING! This week we will be in checking our different studios and ways we can make this next project become a reality.

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