Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Adventure Time with Forgetting All I Know

Hey guys, Pasha here! Sorry it's been a while, life's been kinda hectic for us all here at the FAIK laboratories as of late. Good news is that we have finally started the recording process of our latest demo. Teaming up with a good friend of mine Manny whom I've known since middle school, and possibly recording drum tracks at the Rehearsal Factory. Bad news is that there is no bad news. :( Sorry haters ): At the end of this month we are planning to have the drums completed for 4 songs, and taking our sweet time doing it all because we want some quality in this demo. We've got songs flying out our butts here, and hopefully soon y'all get to hear them all at our next show, which is yet to be announced, but hopefully soon! We've got the LAXPERIENCE episode of Being The Band in it's final stages of editing right now and we'll be documenting the whole Demo Recording experience as well! So common grab your friends and get ready for Adventure Time with Forgetting All I Know!

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