Thursday, 3 January 2013

2013 Things

The holidays are over but the real work has just begun. With LA coming up, so are we with new songs and to tell you the truth, it's hard to decide which ones are gonna make the cut.

So many heart felt songs but not all of them fit together. I never had to think twice about a song before. But at least they won't be gone forever, just temporarily suspended until the time for them will come. Maybe future albums, singles, etc. So much to think about and I'm not getting tired of it at all.

Loving every second of chasing my dreams. I just want to play for people and see their response. I wonder how far we will get and where we'll end up, although I never wanna stop.

This is the time to start getting really prepared for all the shows, planning out tours and the next good move for the band. I got a few ideas for some merch, you'll all find out about that soon enough, hang tight. 

Hope your holidays were a blast and that this year will rock you.

Til next time,


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