Monday, 28 January 2013


Hey there faikers! We are in LA, West Hollywood, California. Home of the awesome pants and conqueror of all sandwiches! No, seriously, this happens here everyday. 

We are having an amazing vacation here with some really good people, awesome friends and the beautiful weather that we can't seem to get enough of. 

So far we've managed to find one gig at an open mic in Santa Monica, at a place called UnUrban. It was really cool to share the stage with the local talent here, and even cooler when me and Carm won the raffle! We got a $25 gift card to the most awesomest music store here on Sunset Blvd SAM ASH! And bought a tambourine for our next gig here! =D I love the cycle of music!

Another awesome place we got to visit was Universal Studios! The rides were great and we had some Doc Brown's Chicken (The Finest Chicken of All Time)! Also drove through Beverly Hills, AMAZING BALLS HOUSES! Venice Beach on a foggy day made for some wicked eerie footage and fun on the beach. 

I can honestly say that I am in love with this place and never want to leave! So many more adventures laying ahead, I can't wait.

Thanks to everyone who made this possible, Sergei, Carm, residents of 1650 and everyone else we're met so far.

Thank god for open mics. Been too long since we've been on stage. 

Peace out and goodnight! 

-P to the mother ucking B

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