Sunday, 11 August 2013

WOAH MAN.... We Are in B.C!!!

How life can change in a heartbeat!!! Last that we planned, we were thinking of heading down to the west coast of LAX.... but we settled for Vancouver instead.  West enough for ya? We thought so!!!

So, it has been a while, and trust me we have missed you all... But trust us, THE MUSIC WILL NEVER DIE!

In the transition from Toronto - Vancouver, we have to leave behind the talented, Craig Koziar.  Craig was with us for almost 6 months after Pasha and me pieced this band back together.

But we are ever so glad we did!!!

Already after just two jam sessions here in B.C, we have 2 new songs in the works, and we are making some serious plans to finish the demo we promised!!!

This demo will have 4 songs on it - the best of the last 6 months of hard work among the 15 new songs we had to choose from.

We are currently seeking a new drummer to join the fun... even though it will be tough to replace you Craig!!

Recording bass for "Missing Solo on the Bridge"
I am situated downtown Vancouver in the West End, which is a huge different lifestyle for me! I went from the suburbs of Richmond Hill, Ontario to the busy and lively streets of downtown Van. Pasha is renting a room in a house with a group of REALLY SUPER COOL PEOPLE who don't mind that we transformed one of the spare rooms in the basement into our new jam room.  The walls are lined with old records, there is gear wall to wall, so it has the perfect vibe for creativity!

Our New Jam Room

Next up for us? Keep jamming and finally work on a new episode of BEING THE BAND.... Oh yeahhhhh, remember that channel? We just did too! hehe!

- Carm

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