Sunday, 16 September 2012

Bloodletting Sample - PREdrums but Post Awesomeness

Hey there, Carm here.

So, I just couldn't contain my excitement when Pasha sent me this sample of one of our new songs, Bloodletting.  We haven't had a chance to add drums on it yet, which will take the level of AWESOME to a whole other level, but here it is.

Everytime I sing this song, I finish with tears in my eyes.  Yup, that def makes me a big sap. But what can I say, I am a hopeless, heartbroken romantic, and I will be able to write love songs until I die...

NEVER FEAR, our next single is a punk rock anthem that will rock your socks so you'll be able to tuck away the box of tissues and jump, jump, jump like you just don't care.

Show us some love and lend us your ears for just about 1 min!


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