Friday, 14 September 2012

Every End Makes Way for a New Beginning

Yeah. So we might be nobody. And you might just think we suck. But there is one thing we have that you don't have: the courage to follow our dreams.

We are Forgetting All I Know, well what is left of it, and here we will share our journey. Wonder what happened to the original two members? Wonder what our new stuff will sound like?  Wanna know what it's like to have a dream, that feels almost impossible every step of the way?

Read on then, reader.

My name is Carm.  Yup, that is short of Carmela, but Carmela doesn't really suit a rock star me thinks.

About a year ago, I decided, well more than decided, I was compelled to find somewhere to sing - whether it be on the street corner, or in the background for somebody better and more talented than I.

I found Josh. An original. He built up my dream, and the dream of the other 2 members, Pasha (bass)  and Greg (drums).  Unfortunately, Josh had a big ego that he was hiding behind acts of generosity and compassion.  So he dipped, and well, Greg dipped soon after, believing we wouldn't be able to hold our own with the loss of our supposed "leader."

But the music goes on for those that have it in their hearts.  So here I still stand, singing vocals for the new and improved FAIK, while Pash has taken on guitar, and we have added a fun, and talented Ilya to the mix on drums.

Stay tuned dear reader because this is what happens in bands.  We love each other, fight with each other, break up, transform... and those that can, will conquer.

This is our plan.  Pasha's and my plan... Wanna hear?

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