Wednesday, 24 October 2012

If I Could Touch the Stars

Hey Y'all! Carm here!

 It has been a very busy last couple of days; between working in the real world, and working in the world of music.

My index and middle fingers on both hands are numb. Why, you ask? Well because yeah, I am the bassist now.

Growing up, I played a bit of piano so I have a base.  I know about how things should sound in conjunction with other instruments, minors, majors, etc, but I don't know if I was really prepared for the amount of work it takes to learn a new instrument.  Regardless of the struggle, I am having one hell of a time being the bassist.  I love it.  I love holding it, and the weight of it around my neck.

When I get the song right, or hit the right notes, I feel so much pride ;)!

Now, can I do this and sing at the same time? That is where I feel a little bit insecure. Yeah, I can say I have some musical talent, but this goes beyond that: it's multitasking!

This is coming for a girl that can't chew gum and walk a the same time... well no, I can do that and a lot of other cool stuff while multitasking, my ADHD allows that for sure.

It's hard work, but it gives me such a thrill! WEE!

You know what else gives me that thrill? Seeing a BRAND NEW article about us in POP! Magazine again! :) Thanks POP!

Read here!

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