Monday, 15 October 2012

Life Can Be a Dream

Hey Faikers, Carm here.

Holy cow singing from the rooftops has this week been amazing.

Good things, my friends, good things will always find me.

And here is why, and it might seem little to you, but whatever:

I won 2000 Petro-Points this week while buying an air freshener at the gas station for my car.

But wait that isn't all...

FAIK has been lucky enough to be noticed by Pop Vulture Magazine, an independent online mag based out of California.

Here is the our first article in POP! CLICK HERE TO READ

I'm just excited to see Forgetting All I Know on a website that I  haven't created myself *giggle*. It's baby steps, you know.  You have to put in the sweat, blood, and tears, and you might never get someone to notice you, but POP! has and we are grateful.

A lot of crappy stuff has happened to FAIK.  There was even a split second that I thought my singing career was over when Josh and Greg left the band.  But as early post have clearly depicted, we are reborn and we will literally, take FAIK to that next level.  It's one thing to say "I'm leaving in coffin" and another to do it.

Not all are capable of that kind of dedication, but we are.

Keep posted because FAIK is going to be all over your face in the next few months... and you are going to like it ;)

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