Friday, 19 October 2012

If Money Grew on Trees... of Hard Work

Photoshoots, magazine articles, studios, shows, and everything in between. Nothing is free and making ends meet is sometimes difficult.

But not to worry, the fruits of our labor are already so sweet and tasty that they practically pay for themselves. With a little bit of motivation and elbow grease we're getting all these things done. Checking them off one by one and moving forward. 

After meeting up with a couple of representatives from Hive Studios we got a pretty good idea of what the industry is expecting from new musicians like us. The studio was professional and cozy. The guys were friendly and realistic in terms of the recording process, and were interested in more than just recording and editing. Their organization deals with managing and promoting bands as well, which is pretty rare to see from studios these days. What was even more rare was that they offered a financing option on their recording "projects". They were even kind enough to hook us up with a contact for booking shows in Hamilton! So if you're looking to record (in the city of Hamilton), I would recommend Hive if you can dish out $2000 for a 3 piece demo with no time limitations, and some managing and promoting on the side as well.

We're yet to see how much business we'll be doing with Hive, but the demos will be out soon enough for your precious ears to listen to. POP! Vulture magazine will be featuring all our new material for the next few months so don't forget to check it out!

So let us know where you'd like to see us play in the next couple of months and we'll try to make it to your hometown. So far we'll be gigging in Toronto and Hamilton. So if you make it down to one of our shows be sure to let us know which songs you'd like to hear on our demo and EP!

Peace out for now people, don't forget to keep on rocking in the free world and do doodle loo doo...


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