Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Defying Who We Were

You know the feeling you get when things are working out and you have the time to stop and appreciate it too? Like having your cake and eating it. That's how I'm feeling after leaving last band practice.

Things are turning up pretty well with the new line-up, some good people and good tunes. I couldn't ask for more! All my life I've been looking forward to the moment when I could be engaged in writing and performing music with some honest people and this is exactly how I pictured it.

I feel like the curse of the past has finally lifted and we can move on with our lives. I also never thought that our name would be so relevant to so many events in the band's history. We literally once again forgot who we are in order to move forward.

Its time to give it all we've got, work hard and above all (and I stress this with everything I do in life), HAVE FUN!

From my heart to yours, everyone I have the pleasure of working with at the moment, I hope you're enjoying this as much as I am.



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